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​Múcura Experiences

community tourism experiences dreamt and produced
at home with our allies

Universo Chocó

July 1-7, 2021 / September 24-28, 2022

in alliance with Hotel Madreagua / @LaEconstantino / Posadas Nativas de Coquí / Coquí Knowledge Center

We will explore the natural abundance of the Colombian Pacific, one of the most biodiverse places in the world during humpback whale season.This community and purpose-driven tourism trip:
promote the activities of local communities, through fair prices and support for the family economy and learn from the bearers of ancestral knowledge.

We learn about the food sovereignty processes of the region by working on a productive farm, we exchange knowledge through a menstrual education workshop for women and we will enjoy the knowledge and flavors of the jewel of the planet.

in alliance with Hotel Madreagua and Fundación Organizmo

Construye Colombia

Construye Colombia V is a workshop iIntensive in bioconstruction and artisanal trades. It is an opportunity to discover the territory and the natural wealth of the Colombian Pacific, to enter a traditional community, learn about its customs and contribute to its preservation.

This immersion in the peaceful culture was the beginning of the materialization of this knowledge exchange platform in Arusí and Coquí, Chocó. This space will be focused on the recovery and strengthening of the cultural identity and social fabric of the region, where knowledgeable people in the region can share their knowledge and knowledge with other community actors, visitors, students, tourists, among others. mainly those related to the
music, culinary, fishing, architecture, agroecology and traditional medicine.

July 4 - 19, 2019

Expedición Chocó

in alliance with Hotel Madreagua / @Dafers / Posadas Nativas de Coquí

December 6 - 9, 2023

We will let the sounds, colors, movements, and flavors of the Pacific reconnect us with the abundance of the earth.

A healing experience accompanied by:

Fundamentals of the Wim Hof method with Daniel Silva, certified instructor, Ice immersions, Jungle trekking, Weaving class in natural fibers, visit to the crystalline waters of the Arusí River, Word circles, Local gastronomy class, Bath with medicinal plants, Chocoan gastronomy and local ingredients, Concert Traditional musical exhibition, Light Ceremony, Cocoa Ceremony

Lodging at Hotel Madreagua and native inns of Coquí.

This cultural immersion drives the development of cultural, social and economic initiatives in the area.

December 4 - 9, 2020

Surf, yoga and feminine self-care camp. 

For three days full of surfing, yoga, landscapes that recharge the soul, rest in sustainable accommodation and experience the Pacific like you have never done before. Grounding in the river, cocoa ceremony, medicinal plant baths, food with spirit to nourish the soul, and surf classes led by the young people of the Arusisurf Club.

Marías de la Marea

in alliance with Hotel Madreagua and Wondertravel

November 24-26, 2022

From Coquí we invite you to La Cena Pazifica, a gastronomic ceremony to support the School of Ancestral Knowledge of Coquí

Join us this November 24 / 25 / 26 at Salon Oculto, Casa Caballero and A Seis Manos to taste a six-course Coquiseño menu, at the hands of three generations: Fausto Moreno, Elian Martínez and Osneyder Valoy.

Playing, dancing, and enjoying the rhythm of peaceful sounds and flavors, 75 special guests were part of this gastronomic ceremony with the intention of supporting the School of Ancestral Knowledge of Coquí.

A very special thank you to those who opened the doors of their homes to us to transform them into emerging spaces of magic Salon Oculto, A Seis Manos and Susana Caballero.